My philosophy

My practice philosophy consists of the six principles of healing in naturopathic medicine:


1. First do no harm – primum non nocere

I use non-invasive diagnosis and treatment methods that minimizes the risk of side effects to the patient whenever possible and encourage the patient’s own inherent healing process without suppressing the symptoms.

2) The healing power of nature – vis medicatrix naturae

There is an inherent intelligence to the body’s natural healing process to restore health. I identify the source of illness and facilitate the natural healing processes of the mind and body.

3) Identify and treat the cause – tolle causam

I address the fundamental causes of disease by understanding how different symptoms manifested in a patient is related and directing treatment to the cause rather than dealing with each symptom to restore overall health and prevent future illness.

4) To heal the whole person through individualized treatment – tolle totum

Patients’ illness is based on their own unique interactions involving physical, spiritual, emotional, genetic, and environmental factors. Treatment must be individualized to address all aspects of the underlying cause.

5) Doctor as teacher – docere

I give patients the power to take responsibility of their own health through education of health and illness and by promoting a trustworthy two-way dialogue between doctor and patient.

6) Prevention

I educate patients on leading a healthy life so that they can prevent major illnesses and also prevent minor illnesses from progressing into chronic conditions. Through analyzing the patient’s susceptibility to disease, appropriate interventions are taken to avoid further harm and risk to the patient.