Healing power of nature

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Healing power of nature

Every body has an innate ability to heal, this is the healing power of nature. Signs and symptoms experienced in the body are often an indication of its ability to correct itself. Fever, for example, is the body’s innate defence in fighting a foreign attack on the body, it is a natural mechanism to re-establish equilibrium. Pharmaceutical medications often hinder this process by destroying those natural defences through symptom suppression. Although every form of medicine has its rightful place, the best form of medicine for most chronic diseases is still prevention and supporting the body’s natural healing ability.

To support this healing potential, the way the person deals with stress, lifestyle and diet will need to be addressed. These areas are often neglected in individuals who become ill as the body has been run down and its inner fires of health has grown dim from constant dis-equilibrium. Stoking the innate fires of health require patience and effort depending on the level of disharmony, and most of all guidance is required in the form of proper knowledge. With training in both Eastern and Western medical knowledge, naturopathic doctors are in a position to effectively act as both educators of healthy living and healers to empower and inspire optimal health. In fact, ‘doctor’ comes from Latin docere, meaning ‘to teach’.

Even though the roots of natural medicine come from many hundreds of years (in some cases thousands of years) of history with some remedies having many years of historical use, medicine as a whole is constantly evolving and advancing. Just as we gain more and more understanding of the intricacies of the human body, we are also constantly advancing our knowledge of those substances found in nature that heals and cures. As we are a part of nature, it makes sense that everything that allows us to be healthy can be found in nature. Many pharmaceutical drugs are derived and processed from nature. New research is constantly being conducted to provide us with further validation of some of those ancient healing remedies and traditions. Naturopathic medicine stands at the forefront of the medical arts and science, embracing the old (wisdom) and the new (science), the East and the West. It is a very fortunate time to be a practitioner and recipient of the healing arts.

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