Your Visit

What to expect for your visits

Before your first visit:

Complete intake form (available for download), and gather your medical information and history (including any recent and past medical reports and lab work) to bring for your first visit.

Your first visit:

A complete medical history will be gathered during your first visit, which involves a detailed conversation about your current state of health, medical history, family history, diet, lifestyle habits, etc. Naturopathic medicine is understanding each person as an individual and getting to the root cause of your health concerns. The root cause can be sometimes be found on the first visit, while others become clear over time, as we get more information about your health. On the first visit, I will discuss with you potential approaches and/or recommend any laboratory assessments if needed. This visit will last approximately 60 minutes and is primarily used for gathering information and listening to your story, and some simple recommendations will be made at this time. After our meeting, I will thoughtfully consider your case and synthesize all the information we have gathered to formulate a plan of treatment and action that will be presented to you at our second visit.

Your second visit:

The second visit is generally scheduled one week later. During this visit, I will discuss with you our findings as well as your treatment plan, along with performing any physical exams that are indicated. I may also ask follow up questions to expand on the information gathered in our first meeting. Our discussions may include the root cause and contributing factors to your health concerns and appropriate naturopathic recommendations will be made, including some or all of the modalities, such as diet and nutrition (e.g. vitamins and minerals), herbal medicine and lifestyle recommendations that support your health. Subsequent follow-up visits are usually scheduled in approximately 2–4 weeks’ time to evaluate progress and to make any adjustments in your treatment plan, depending on your health condition, progress and goals. Acupuncture treatments are often done weekly, for the most beneficial therapeutic effect.

Your health journey: 

How often we meet after that will depend on why and how you are being treated. For those with multiple health concerns, follow-ups will be more frequent based on the severity of their condition, while others who have their primary health concern resolved follow up every 6 months to a year for health optimization.

For your convenience, any recommended natural health products as part of your treatment plan are available for purchase online and shipped to your door:

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