The Story of Bottled Water

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The Story of Bottled Water

Do we really think about where our bottled water comes from? Where do they get the water? What do they do with it? Is it as clean and healthy for us as we think it should be?

I have been reading about water in a new book by Matthew Silverstone called Blinded by Science. He wrote a full chapter on the unique properties of water, and he has given more thought to our most precious resource on Earth than most of us has. He writes that water retain energy in the form of vibrations. (He established in the previous chapter that simply everything vibrates, from the nuclei of an atom, to the molecules of the blood, our organs, our brain, light, sound, plants, animals, earth, space, the universe.) The level of vibration or energy carried by water can in turn affect our bodies in more ways than just hydrating us. As a biochemistry major, there is a lot of merit to his reasoning.

I always try to drink filtered tap water at home, or either reverse-osmosis water, and that is to filter out any metals, chlorine and fluoride. I will never look at water the same way again after reading the chapter on water, you can find more about the book here:

Bottled water may be convenient, but carrying your own stainless steel bottle of filtered water will help save the environment from the plastic waste with no worries of drinking leached plastic in the bottled water. If you haven’t seen this video, think about this when you are picking up a bottle of bottled water:

The Story of Bottled Water

Drink to your health! Have you had your 8 glasses today?

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